Seventh annual meeting of the Belgian Nutrition Society

Carbohydrates in the human diet are a very diverse group of nutrients with a broad range of effects on human health. While dietary recommendations ask for moderation in consumption of low molecular weight sugars, intake of dietary fiber needs to be stimulated in view of several positive effects on human health. The increasing pressure to reduce sugar intake has been an incentive to search for new components that can replace sugar in the diet. Nevertheless, sugars can form unique sensorial properties that are highly appreciated by consumers and that ask for specific research and measures to replace them in the diet.

In this edition of the BNS annual congress, we will highlight a number of recent scientific findings in relation to the role of carbohydrates in the human diet. We will focus on the health effects of both LMW sugars as well as dietary fiber components. We will discuss food addiction and impact of sugars on appetite, and we will address recent approaches to generate new alternative healthy sugar structures to be applied in the food industry to generate a series of new foods with beneficial effects on human health.

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April 21, 2017 08:30 - 16:15 (GMT +01:00 Brussels)

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Keizerslaan 2, brusse

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